Alumni Association of Bijanbari Degree College

Since the inception of Bijanbari Degree College in 1995, more than 1.5k alumni have graduated from the portals of the College. These Alumni, while being professionally engaged in different parts of the world, continue to maintain their link with the College and are contributing substantially to society.

On 22nd of December 2021, the ex-students of Bijanbari Degree College have formed an Alumni Group. The main objective for the formation of this organization is to provide moral support for the institution. This is the newly organized group and the registration for this organization is under process.

Composition of Alumni Association

Sl. No.Executive MembersDesignation
1 Shri Rishi Hang Subba President
2 Shri Gautam Lama Vice-President
3 Shri Hemant Rai Secretary
4 Shri Lajip Sharma Cashier

Sl. No.General MembersDesignation
1 Shri Yuvraj Chettri
2 Shri Kirna Birha
3 Shri Aditya Gupta
4 Shri Hassan Ali
5 Shri Surya Kumar Gupta
6 Shri Kiran Gupta
7 Sushri Kajal Subba
8 Sushri Samina Chettri
9 Sushri Anuja Gupta
10 Shri Jayraj Rai

Aims and Objectives of the Alumni Association

  1. To bring together all the old students and the faculty of the college to share their experiences with each other.
  2. To maintain and update the data base of all the alumni of the college and to interact with them.
  3. To utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students.
  4. To provide guidance to the present students in their endeavor for better employment and higher studies.
  5. To get valuable advices of the alumni in the overall development of the college.
  6. To arrange seminars, debate, workshops and also to arrange cultural and social welfare programs.
  7. To provide financial assistance to the needed alumni members pursuing higher studies based on merit and means.
  8. To arrange donations to the poor students either by way of cash or kind for their education purpose.
  9. To maintain training centers etc. for the students  in order to compete in upcoming examinations like WBCS, SSC, PSC, UPSE, NET, SET.
  10. To arrange teaching and training classes to the students studying in the college.
  11. To gather and maintain database of employment information and to assist the members in securing suitable jobs.
  12. To maintain website, publish periodical magazines or bulletins with valuable information useful to the members and students.
  13. To involve the members in the overall development of the college and the society.


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